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Stillness amidst the chaos

Meditation isn't always about retreating to the mountains.
I hear it all the time:"I can't meditate." or "I don't have time to meditate" or "I've tried meditation before but I just cant sit still long enough or stop the chatter in my mind." The reasons we give for not meditating are endless. We are al time poor , stressed and rushing from one activity to the next. Our minds are full of lists; jobs still to be done, emails to chack, texts to answer, friends to call. And then there are all the shoulds that we weigh ourselves down with; I should exercise more, I should call my mother, I should go to that party, I should I should I should. The reality is that this is exactly what meditation is designed to help you with. Meditation can bring you a sense of stillness amidst the chaos that is life. Meditation is a chance to take a deep breath and focus on the quiet space inside you. It is there it is just drowned out with all the competing noises in your mind. Meditation has been found to induce a astate of calm and inner peace that lasts well beyond the time spent in actual meditation. Once you have overcome your naturall reluctance and found that fleeting sense of peace it becomes like a drug that you want more and more of , something that you crave to help get you through the day. Practise and discilpine are the only way to achieve this BUT it doesn't hve to be a chore. It has been said the 5 minutes of good quality mediation beats an hour of forcing yourself to sit and meditate with your monkey mind doing overtime. Allow yourself to take the time to sit in quiet contemplation. Allow yourself to become still, mentally and physically. Give yourself permission to explore the darkest corners of your mind and discover the peace that has been there all along ......waiting for you to come home.
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