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Time for a rebirth


Spring is coming. You can feel it in the air. You can hear it in the way the birds are singing and starting to mate. The spring bulbs are starting to burst forth and blossom is now on the trees.

I don't know about you but I'm also starting to feel restless. I have been going through a rebranding process for my business and it has made me step back and evaluate all aspects of my life as well as my business.

I have rebranded myself several times during my life. The first was at 15 when I decided that my birth name just didn't suit me so I switched to just my initials which at that stage were KC. This slowly morphed into a one word name Casey ( I believe I set the trend for all the Casey's and Cassie's that soon followed LOL) . I married and had kids and then subsequently separated at 27 and divorced at 29. Again my name no longer fit with my image of myslef and I sure as hell wasn't going back to that old me so it was time for yet another transformation and I became Cailtin, which is the Irish version of my birth name. Finally it felt right.

After a couple of years of being Caitlin I finally gave myslef a middle name of Grace and so Caitlin Grace was born. Occaisionally someone comes along who remembers me by my old name but it literally feels like they are talking about someone else as those names no longer have any relevance to who I am now.

It amazes me when I tell people about changing my name, how many of them still don't like their name but have never thought of changing it. I always felt if it was good enough for Madonna then it was good enough for me!
It all comes back to vibration and energy. My old names didn't have the right vibration for the person that I was becoming and so energetically I had to release them and become more of who I am.

Which brings me to the power of words. I am currently realigning myself with my ideal body shape. I refuse to call it losing weight or dieting. Why? Well if you lose something what do you generally do? You look for it until you find it. So I am not losing weight because I choose not to find it again. I am aligning myself with my ideal body image - doesn't that sound more positive and energetically something you would want to do? Dieting to me sounds like deprivation and I saw my mother go through to much of that t please my father rather than from any real desire on her part . So again I am choosing to change the way I am approaching food. I am making healthier food choices while still allowing myself to indulge if I choose to.

Think about the word choices that you are making daily and see if by changing the way you frame your words you can change the way you view your life.
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