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50 Shades of Fabulous

Everyone seems to be all aflutter with the release of the series of books called "Fifty shades of Grey". Its like someone has pulled back the curtain and revealed a HUGE secret; women like sex!

Funnily enough this was not news to me. I have been fascinated with sex and the workings of it since........ well, I guess since puberty kicked in and my hormones took flight.

While all my friends were getting into alcohol and drugs I was reading and researching all I could to figure out how sexed worked. I was not, however, hugely promiscuous. I still knew that sex was something special, sacred even. I was raised as a catholic but gave that up when I realised that a man in a dress who had, supposedly, never had sex was trying to dictate how my sex life worked.

Sex has been hidden and tucked away  and regarded as something "dirty" and best left behind closed doors. But it is this very hidden aspect of it that has made it so my sterious and disconnected from us somehow. Nobody can come out and say what they want or how they really feel and so all sorts of distortions and unneccessary angst is caused.

We are far more comfortable with violence, murder and mayhem on our screens than the naked body, or heeaven forbid, people engaging in sexual activity. " Sex and the City"did lift the lid on female sexuality and make it s bit more acceptable, even though the show was actually written by two gay men.

 Then the programme ended and with it sex moved back into the darkness, only to be dragged out again with the "Fifty Shades of Grey" phenomenon.

Lets not let it sink back into oblivion. Lets embrace the fact tha women love sex as much (if not more than!) men. Lets claim our status as Sex goddesses and embrace all the juiciness of that title. Lets throw open the doors and talk about sex openly as the beautiful, natural, sacred act that it is. Lets revel in our sensuality.

Who's with me?

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