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Sacred Sex Part Two


So how does it feel now that you have embraced your inner Sex Goddess/God ? Are you feeling more empowered? More confident in yourself? Great! If not then read on.... read on!

Even if the only step you have taken so far is to acknowledge, quietly, secretly, inside yourself that maybe you could possibly be a Sex Goddess then you are on your way. The next step is to start getting comfortable with that possibility.

What would a Sex Goddess do?

What would she wear to make herself feel sexier?

What rituals would she perform to help get her in the mood?

What music would a Sex Goddess listen to to help her feel aligned with her inner most self?

For me it starts with finding the sexiest underwear every day, even if no-one else is going to see it. I know that I have a secret. I know that I am wearing a gorgeous bra and knickers or a sexy camisole or whatever else I feel like. The new bamboo underwear has the most luxurious soft texture and feels great against the skin.

Next find a deliciously scented moisturiser and whenever you get out of the shower or you feel like you need a bit of special attention, spend a few moments rubbing it into your hands, arms, legs or feet. Quite often while watching tv at night I will take a moment and massage my feet or if hubby is sitting next to me, I will get him to do it for me.

Or how about starting your day by looking at yourself, naked in the mirror and saying "Good morning gorgeous. I love you. Lets have a great day"

My husband and I have a ritual that we do every day, without fail he kisses me before he leaves the house, one of us will ring the other at least once throughout the day just to say hi or at least send a text, he kisses and hugs me as soon as he gets home and then we sit and discuss our day for at least half an hour. Recently we have added in taking a bath together. We are lucky enough to have a two person spa bath and it was one of the best investments we made when we built this house. There is nothing like a good soak and a chat to bond you and help you feel more intimate with each other.

When we first got together our kids( and we have 7 between us!!) ranged in age from 6 weeks old to 16. We had five living with us and it wasn't always easy making room for all of them in our lives but I made it a point that right from the beginning, we had a space for us to connect at the end of the day. Yes, it took some adjusting but the kids got used to it and they knew that we needed that time to say hi and just be.

Creating a sacred space in your bedroom is also important. Your bedroom should be a sacred haven that you can retreat to, to relax and unwind and just take some time for yourself.
Things that you should remove from your room RIGHT NOW: television, exercise equipment, pictures of your children ( seriously there are lots of other places you can have them) or your parents ( what were you thinking???) , computers or anything to do with work.

Your bedroom should be full of delicious scents so go get some scented candles or soy melts for your oil burner. I have some delicious vanilla scented ones going at the moment and the house smells divine. If you want to add a bit of spice to your life then drop a few essential oils on your sheets so that the moment you slide between them a subtle aroma wafts out - yum. I am right into Egyptian cotton sheets for the sheer luxurious feel of them as I slide between them - nothing beats it!

Another great idea is to have pictures of the two of you and other romantic pictures in your bedroom as a subtle reminder that this room is all about love and sex. The picture above is called "The Kiss"by Gustav Klimt and is one of my favourites. We have a tile with this image on it hanging in our bedroom.

Your mission today is to check out your bedroom with new eyes and see what you need to take out and think about what you can add in. Go to it!

Stay tuned .... Part three coming soon!

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