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Time to Upgrade

I recently turned 50. Or as I like to say I upgraded to the new version 5.0 complete with new software and the latest high tech accessories.

For most of us any birthday after 30 that ends in a zero is cause for concern. We are fasting becoming "over the hill ", "middle aged", or boring old farts.

I choose to look at it differently. I choose to embrace the passing of the years and to embrace the fact that now I have upgraded to this new, brighter, wiser version of myself I can become more fully my SELF.

I know when I was younger I couldn't wait to grow up. I think we all fall into the belief when we are children, that when we are older we will have all the answers, that life will somehow make more sense. Unfortunately I still make it up as I go along.

Some days I definitely feel like I have all my shit together, all my ducks lined up neatly in a row, but mostly I am just winging it, flying by the seat of my pants. And I'm ok with that.

A year ago when my son was just 19 he was going through some major stress. He was moving flats and as he doesn't drive or have a car ( and where he lives he doesn't need to) trying to figure out how to get his stuff from point A to point B was causing him some stress. add to this the fact that a friend with a car had failed to show up to help and the deadline to be out of the flat was fast approaching and my poor boy was a bit of a wreck. Oh and I forgot to mention that I live hundreds of miles away!

Wise boy that he is he rang his Mummy for some long distance support. As I listened to him berate himself for not being something or someone other than his own perfect self, my heart ached. When he finally stated that he "should have all his shit sorted out by now." Mummy took a deep breath and explained to her darling boy that at 49 she still didn't have hers all together yet either and in fact he was doing a great job. I pointed out all the great things he had done in the short time he had left home; he had found a flat and a job, helped his friend get a job too and was now moving. He had been paying all his bills on time and making a new life for himself. All at the tender age of 19.

He's now 20 and about to embark on another new adventure. He's moving again. This time to America, where his Dad lives.

Yup he's upgrade to the next best version of himself and taking a leap of faith.

I tell you those birthdays that end with a zero are empowering. All the years between are preparing you, to launch you kicking and screaming into the next best version of yourself. When you hit the one that ends in 9, take a deep breath and brace yourself . For the best is yet to come. Hold tight, take a leap and prepare to fly.
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