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Who are you?


I love to get inside people's heads.

I like to figure out what makes me tick and what makes others tick too.

I have an insatiable curiostiy for the workings of the human mind and when I discovered the enneagram it was like all my christmases had come at once.

Just by listening for certain key phrases I could get a glimpse behind the masks that we all wear and really SEE that person for who they are beneath it all.

In my own family it has helped me have a new understanding for my children especially my youngest son. When I learnt about the enneagram he was about 10 ( he's now twenty) but of all my kids ( I have seven altogether, some mine , some my partners. I'll save that for another blog!) I couldn't quite put my finger on what point of the ennegram he was.

So I gave him the material to read and he said "that's me". As soon as he showed me what number he was I realised that of course he was righ and I couldn't believe I had missed it. It explained so much about who he was as a person and helped me to parent him better, with more understanding and compassion.

With that simple exercise; giving him all the information about all the different aspects of the enneagram, I made a powerful discovery. Once you have that information you can see and decide for yourself who and what you are. far better to find it for yourself than have someone point out "Oh you are such a ......."

Since then I have shared the enneagram with lots of clients, frineds and family and the thing I love the most is when the lightbulb goes on and they go "Thats me!"

Not only does the ennegram describe your personality it also shows you how you react when under pressure or when everytnhing is flowing smoothly and optimally in your life. It reveals your strengths and weaknesses. It describes in complete detail what your deepest emotions are and why you feel that way.

There is no clear history of where it came from although it has been around for hundreds of years. It seems to have orginated as a spiritual tool to uncover your soul's deepest longings and over time has become a tool for psychologists to better understand their patients.

In the life of any lightworker or those who are questing to uncover the meaning of life the enneagram is the greatest tool I know of and I am excited to be running a workshop on it in October.Read about it here

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