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I am woman - hear me Roar!

I was reading  an article in The Sydney Morning Herald today ( you can read it here ) where the author attended a charity even featuring two female athletes. After the women had done their piece the MC, a male comedian proceeded to make some sexual innuendos about them.

No-one complained.

No-one left.

The author asked : Who will stand up and declare themselves the wowser, to draw the line and possibly alienate friends and colleagues?

And as he ( I'm assuming its a he, the name is Sam so could be female) goes on
 I attended a second charity dinner recently. The guest of honour this time was one of Australia's most handsome international male actors. When a walk on the red carpet with the star was auctioned, one table of women jokingly offered $50,000 if the date continued until the next morning (wink, wink).
And he's right. Women are not the only one's turned into sex objects. We do get it more often than men. We suffer through cat calls and wolf whistles on a daily basis. Men often talk to our chest not our faces.

BUT ( and its a big but) We do the same. we gathered in groups to attend the movie Magic Mike to drool over the hot, male bodies on display. Male strip shows are places where women let their hair down and paw at the strippers. In fact its well known that women man handle the strippers in ways that would never be tolerated at a female strip show.

The line is not only wiggly but also very blurred.

We cannot take the moral high ground while we are treating men in the very way that we denounce.

We cannot blame men for treating us like sex objects while at the same time ordering the latest Fireman's calendar so we have something to drool over.

Are we ready to draw the line in the sand and state: This is not acceptable for either sex to do?

We've tried the "If you can't beat them, join them" theory and nothing has changed. In fact , if anything, opinions have become more entrenched with both sides going "well, they are doing it too so it must be ok"

When I was a lot younger and married to my first husband one of his friends regularly made sexual innuendos towards me on a regular basis. No-one said anything, including my husband.

These were not veiled commnets. These were in your face, threatening statements made about me in front of all our friends (and trust me I am using the term very loosely). These statemnts made me question the very foundation of our marriage and his lack of support for me. Ultimately I left him.

Years later I asked him why he never stood up for me and he replied "I figured you could stand up for yourself."which I found very telling.

I guess my point is if we don't want to be treated tlike sex objects then we have to stand up for ourselves and walk out of events when woman are being made into sex objects. It starts with us. We cannot sit back and wait for someone to protect us or stand up for us. That person is us.

As for what people will think of us if we do, well that is their issue isn't it?

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