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Lets talk about sex...


I don't know about you but I want hot, juicy,noisy, passionate sex not bland "quiet so we don't wake the kids"sex.

I want can't quite catch my breath, ecstatic sex.

I want to meet my partner completely open, open and free from inhibitions and be met the same way.

I want long, slow languorous sex that leave my knees quivering and my body spent.

I want hot, hard lusty sex.

I want soft, melding, melting into each others bodies sex.

I want my husband to know which kind of sex I want just by looking deeply into my eyes.

Yeah, right! That ain't going to happen.

BUT....... if I can open myself fully into the present moment, drop my guards and ....... just tell him? Ahhh that's a different story.

Then the magic can happen...... and does!

So how do we get to that magical place of feeling comfortable enough to say "that's too hard...... don't stop baby.... just a bit longer  ..... oooohhh just over there a bit more." ?

First we have to KNOW what it is that we like and the best way to do that is via the "m"word. Yes masturbation is your best friend. How can anyone else know how your body works if you have no clue? Get comfy with your own body, find the strokes that you like, the pace that you like, the amount of lube you like.

Second, realise that your partner WANTS to please you. They want to do all that they can in anyway that they can to bring you to ecstasy so it would be kind of rude to have that information and not tell them...... wouldn't it?

Thirdly, ask them what they like and then ( if its in the realms of possibility for you) do it for them!

The only way any of us gets better at sex is through communication. If we can be open with our partners on this level it will create a bond of mutual trust and respect that will move well past the bedroom walls. Our whole relationship will deepen.

Talking about sex doesn't have to be hard and talking during sex should almost be compulsory. Men are visual creatures but women create pictures in our minds with words. Start talking  sexy to us and we will start to go weak at  the knees.

There are two rules for great sexy talk;    Song Lets talk about sex
(1) Leave your inhibitions at the bedroom door
(2) Be your sexy, erotic self.

That's it. If you start getting into your head "What will they think? Am I going too far? Will she think I'm a pervert? " you will suck all the fun out of it.

Sure the first few times you try you both might get a fit of the giggles but once you find your own inner sexy beast there will be no holding you back.

Just as you guys get turned on by our ooohhs and ahhs we get turned on by hearing you tell us all the delicious things you want to do to us.

Good sex becomes great sex when you both know what the other likes through good communication. Great sex become mind blowingly great sex when sex talk becomes part of the mix and moans of ecstasy are loud enough to wake the neighbours.

If you are looking for some inspiration check out Ear Erotica here

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