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Losing my libido!

We've all had times when our sex drive seems to have disappeared over the horizon never to be seen again.

Our sex drive is like the ocean. It ebbs and flows. Sometimes you and your darling are going at it like rabbits and then , for some inexplicable reason, something changes and days go by with barely a flicker of lust in either of you.

Unfortunately for some people  the drought never seems to break and before they know it, weeks, months and even years have slipped by.

What can you do to bring some life back into your sex life?

How do you reboot your libido?

First of all realise it happens to everyone, every now and then

Secondly realise that its not the end of the world and know that the fact you have noticed means that there must be some spark still there.

Thirdly ask how you got so busy that sex became something that you just let slide? There could be deeper things happening in your relationship if it has been months or years since you connected.

So how do you keep the spark alive?

Just like anything else it takes commitment and time and effort. Consistency is the key. It is always easier to keep something going than to reboot it from scratch.

Text, call or make a small gesture EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. To show your partner how much they men to you.

Talk. Not just in generalities "Hi honey how was your day?" but "what did you learn today? " 

Listen. Really listen. Connect with your eyes and give your partner your complete attention.

Touch. Touch their hand, their butt, stroke their back as you pass by. Massage their feet. Stroke their hair.

Hubby and I just had five days away from home to go and visit our new grandson. Its a seven hour drive to where my son lives so we had lots of time to talk in the car.

As we were staying at a motel we decided to play one of our favorite games: "Talk dirty to me". The basis of this game is to drive each other to distraction during the trip so that by the time we get to our destination we are primed and ready to go!

It also gives us great memories to use for more sex  play. We can just mention a road trip or a destination and we are instantly on the same wavelength and people around us are completely oblivious of the undercurrent between us.

Relationships require maintenance, just like a car or any other machinery.  And just like a car, if you hit a rough patch, take it in for a check up with an expert here. The trouble is we have all been fed the ".... and they both lived happily ever after." line and when things get rough we assume its because the relationship is broken beyond repair or "She/he doesn't love me anymore" . In actual fact you and your partner have just got lazy, have stopped doing routine maintenance on your relationship and hoped that it would look after itself.

NEWSFLASH! Relationships require regular check ups. If you want to keep the romance alive, keep fanning the flame. Don't wait until the embers have gone cold and then wonder what happened.

What fuel can you add to your fire today?

What is one small romantic gesture that you can make to your partner that will convey "You are sexy and hot and I want to do naughty things to you?"

What are your favourite ways to keep romance alive?  Leave me a comment . I would love to hear from you.

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