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Sexy at any age.

I was reading an article over at Mamamia ( you can read it here) about Pamela Stephenson admitting to plastic surgery, breast implants and botox so she "could look like a babe"

Now I believe everyone is entitled to do what they want with their body, it just saddens me that we are still so  obsessed with looking "young" and lets face it we aren't fooling anyone.

The too tight faces with the wrinkly neck, the dyed brown hair at odds with the rest of the body, the overly pert, round breasts on the stick thin frame ( Hello Victoria Beckham!).

Nobody is buying it. We all know what you are doing and why.

Some of the truly sexy, older women in the acting field are those who have done nothing. Think Helen Mirren , Meryl Streep, Sigourney Weaver and Judi Dench to name a few.

They know that true beauty shines out from within you.

True beauty has little to do with numbers on a scale, your dress size or the colour of your hair.

True beauty is being able to look in the mirror and say "I love you" and mean it.

Loving your body, the place that you live, the place that holds your essence, the very thing that gives you life. truly what is there not to love?

Ahh and when you love that place, then you can walk through this world with your head held high and know that age can not diminish the beauty that is YOU.

NOTHING is sexier than a woman who loves her body, who is proud of the stretch marks and her sagging breasts because it means she has brought new life into this world. Nothing is sexier than a woman comfortable in her own skin, revelling in her own sensuality.

Ladies, get comfortable with who you are. Get comfortable with how you look. Accept the fact that there will always be someone younger, prettier, someone with a tighter body. What they lack is the wisdom and life experiences that you have that make you uniquely you.

Life is not a competition or a race to be one. It is an experience to savour, a juicy adventure to live.

We waste our youth wishing that we were old enough to go out partying, or drinking. Wishing that some cute boy would ask us to the dance. Then when we  are old enough for those things we start longing for the simplicity of youth when we didn't have responsibilities, bills to pay, jobs to go to. when we are older still we wish that we still had that tight, pert, young body.

Lets tell a new story. Lets embrace wherever we are on the aging spectrum and look for the positives. Lets not hide the fact that we are getting older. with age comes, maturity, wisdom and freedom. Freedom from having to give a damn about what anyone else thinks. Freedom to be who you are without apology.

Now that my nest is empty I can relax into just being a couple with my darling, something that we missed earlier as we both came into the relationship with children. Now we can enjoy just being the two of us and it is pure heaven. Do I wish that I still had the body I did when I was 30? Hell yeah! But I am grateful that I still have the body I've got..... it means I'm still here, still alive and looking for more juicy adventure to live.

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