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Uh oh! Menopause

Menopause. The one word that is likely to strike fear into any women of a certain age.

Society has been telling us that youth is where its at, that only the young are beautiful. So we have been trying to turn back time ( who sang a little Cher when they read that? yeah , me too!). Exercising our butts off, slathering on the latest anti wrinkle cream and eating anti aging foods.

But then menopause leapt out of the ethers and descended upon us. For some this means  night sweats, hot flashes, vaginal dryness and painful intercourse. If you read the popular magazines they imply that it is the majority of women that go through all these painful symptoms but that is not the case. Yes, some women do experience them but not the majority. some women may have some of these symptoms for a short while and some may breeze through it with barely a hot flash.

I am lucky enough to be in the latter group but I have been preparing for menopause since I was in my thirties. Why? well, because none of that sounded pleasant and I wanted to enjoy the freedom of finally having no periods to deal with.

I started by taking Maca and it has become my best friend throughout the whole experience. I also drink lots of water every day and eat a diet full of fruit and vegetables and low on processed foods. The biggest step though has been learning to love myself and that has been the hardest journey and the most rewarding.
I also avoid xenoestrogens by not storing food in plastic or microwaving foods in plastic

First, lets talk about Maca. It is a cruciferous vegetable, grown in South America that  helps balance the hormones in males and females. It also helps boost your energy levels, increases stamina, supports the adrenals and supplies your body with all the B group vitamins and a host of other vitamins and minerals. Did I mention it boost your libido too? You can take it either in powder form or in tablets. I prefer the powder so I can regulate my own dose and add it to smoothies. ( in the next issue of my newsletter I will give you some delicious ways to add it to your diet - go sign up now!).

Secondly, drink lots of water........ and then go drink some more! Did you know dehydration plays a large part in lack of lubrication? Well now you do  - go have a drink now. Seriously! I'll wait......... there now doesn't that feel better?

Lubrication can become an issue during menopause and if you don't believe its a problem just try going down a slide ..... naked.! Yup, not comfy at all! So you are drinking plenty of water and taking your maca and things are still a little ... dry? What next? Drum roll please.... try the Kegelmaster.
Now when I was about 15 I learnt about doing my pelvic floor exercises and then promptly forgot about them again until after baby number 1. Kegels are vital for keeping a good blood flow to the whole vaginal region and blood flow equals increased libido ( ask any man if you don't believe me) and increased lubrication. Trouble is most of us have been doing them wrong.
 ( Hands up if you clench you buttocks or tighten your thighs? Wrong!!!).
This nifty little gadget allows you to tighten against it so that you are exercising the muscles in the right way . You also get to add differing levels of resistance as your muscles gt strengthened.

If all else fails then using a lubricant like coconut oil can add to the fun. I use coconut oil because I know whats in it and I don't want any chemical nasties in my delicate areas plus it works as a great overall massage oil to add more sensory delights to the process. Coconut oil is also antibacterial, anti fungal and shhhhh , tastes good too! Win win win! The only down side is you can't use it with latex rubber.

Lastly, loving yourself is the best gift you can give you. No, you are never going to be young again but you have wisdom and beauty far beyond mere looks and now is the time to fully embrace them.

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