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Space clearing your "junk"

There is nothing like a good spring clean to re-energize your home. You get to go through all your stuff, drag it out into the light of day, sort through it all and discard anything that you no longer need.  Then you give everything a good clean and restore order and harmony to your home, usually with several bags of rubbish to be carted off and maybe even some bags to donate to your favourite charity shop.

I am a huge advocate of spring cleaning and will often embark on it at random times of the year. One of my favourite coaches, Denise Duffield-Thomas ( author of Get Rich, Lucky Bitch)  writes about how decluttering can shift your money blocks as well. After reading her Get Rich, Lucky Bitch book I immediately did a huge clean out and, lets be honest, still have more to do!

I also take it a step further and clear the energy of my home.

I read Karen Kingston's book "Creating Sacred Space with Feng Shui", years ago and have been doing this in my home ever since. I have numerous singing bowls and bells dedicated to this purpose and,  a couple of years ago, was able to purchase a crystal singing bowl which is just divine.

Once you have done a space clearing ritual on your home you will notice  a huge difference to the energy, everything just feels crisp and clear.

Maintaining a clear vibration in your home then becomes a much easier task. Burning incense, lighting candles, having fresh flowers in the home and playing music with a high vibration ( such as Deva Premal ) and having salt lamps throughout your home, all contribute to a higher vibration.

So you have shifted all the energy in your home and your life is moving along nicely but lets just pause for a moment and think about the most intimate energetic connection that we make with people. We all know that when we end a relationship we need to clear out the energy of that person.  I know , for myself, whenever I ended a relationship I would get rid of all their things from my home, then get a haircut and reclaim my own space.

BUT we forget one important thing, our body, This is especially true for females as our physical being is literally entered by another person during the act of love making. Not to mention that our DNA's merge to produce any children that we may have.
This picture beautifully illustrates how our chakra systems align and merge during sex.

It is this energy that I am talking about that we need to cleanse and release from our energetic being.

I recently had a hysteroscopy which involves inserting a camera through the cervix into the womb. Prior to that I had several other invasive medical procedures. Women undergo these types of things regularly, throughout their lifetime.

The next time that I had sex with my husband after this procedure I had a momentary flash of the surgeon as my husband entered me and I burst into tears. A flood of other memories then came surging forward too.All the times in my life that I had felt violated in one way or another. I then spent the rest of the morning clearing out all these old stagnant energies and I realized just how much we store in our wombs,  cervix and vagina.

I have since read that the vagina is like a sponge for emotional debris that we don't know how to process. This then impacts on all levels of our sexuality and our sexual expression.

Think for a moment how many sexual partners that you have had in your lifetime. Now think of how many times you have had cervical smears or any other procedure that required something to be inserted into your vagina. Think back to when you first started menstruating and how you felt about tampons and bleeding.

I did a reiki session on a client who had been cheated on by her husband and as I was doing the session I very clearly got the image of a knife in her vagina which, to me, represented the hurt and betrayal that she had felt from this incident.

Reiki and EFT are two of the most powerful ways that I know to cleanse and clear old energies and often, uncover memories that we had hidden deep within us.
If you think you could benefit from an energetic cleanse contact me via my Facebook page

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