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Your AMAZING Vagina Part 2

Where is Part one I hear you cry?????!!!??

Fear not!

I did a guest blog post for My Tiny Secrets ( click on the link to read it) and at the end of it I realized that I hadn't covered even half of what I wanted to say about our wondrous vagina's so here we are at Part 2.


We are incredibly complex creatures. We have raging hormones to deal with each month  which can lead to PMS and erratic crying jags followed by gorging on chocolate and then complaining that we are fat ( or is that just me?). We can fall out with our bestie one minute and then call them the following day as if nothing has happened.


Secrets of the clitoris
It is just the way we are made and it doesn't stop with emotions and relationships.

No, no no. Our bodies are complex and intricate too. In fact it has only recently been discovered that the clitoris is not merely the tiny little nub that we all know and love but is instead a complex series of interconnected issues.  Thinking that the clitoris is all there is like saying that the glans of a man's penis is all there is.

Science only discovered just how involved the clitoris is in the 1990's (yes, you read that right) even though in depth studies of the penis had been done as far back as the 70's.

Much has been written and debated about whether the G spot even exists in women but ,by merely examining the image on the left, you can see that by stimulating deeper inside a women's vagina that you are still, in fact, stimulating the clitoris .

Realizing that the clitoris is deeply embedded in the vagina itself and that the wee nub contains over 8,000 nerve endings, compared to only 4,000 in a penis, we can start to appreciate just how intense our orgasms truly are.

Starting to love your vagina just a wee bit more? I know I am.
 G Spot Facts
From looking at the diagram above you can also see that by stimulating the G spot you may feel the urge to pee. Here's a fun fact for, well actually its two, there is no urethra in the clitoris  and we were actually designed to ejaculate ( or squirt to use the colloquial term). Any liquid that you release due to G spot stimulation is not urine! End of story. So just relax, let go and enjoy a new level of orgasm intensity.

 Step away from scented toilet paper, NOW!

Your vagina is also self cleaning. Thats right, it maintains a perfect pH balance while being the prefect environment for bacteria,yeast and fungi to grow. It is all about the dark, warm, moist atmosphere and as long as we are in good health and eating the right foods, our lovely vagina maintains itself in perfect balance.

In fact all those lovely, healthy bacteria that are a natural part of our vagina's make up, are also integral in populating the next generations gut as they pass through the birth canal ( which is obviously not just the vagina). So as your baby is being born it is ingesting all the right probiotic goodies it needs for a long and healthy life. ( bet you didn't know that before, did you?)

In fact there are now specific probiotics to help you maintain your vagina in tip top health. And while we are on the subject could I please, please beg of you to STOP using scented, dyed toilet paper and scented pantyliners? All those harsh chemicals hugely interfere with your vagina's ability to cleanse itself, and for the love of all that is holy, do not feel you need to douche or use vaginal deodorants. You don't smell bad! If you do notice a not so pleasant odor do my two point check list: ( a) have I recently had sex? Yes? Ok then that is not an unpleasant odor that is just the smell of sex so lucky me! Shower and the situation is sorted. ( b) is the smell strong? Do I have a discharge? Am I itchy? Yes? Head to the doctor, buy some of the probiotics I mentioned earlier and work on eating healthier.

Are you starting to get a real sense of just how amazing your vagina is? And trust me, honey I have barely scratched the surface.

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