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Love yourself + 5 tips to add more love into your day

Self love

Two little words that pack a big punch.

Trouble is most of us are so busy worrying about what others think of us that we forget what it is that we like about ourselves. We continually look outside of ourselves; to the media, to our friends, to any on else that might possible have an opinion about the way we wear our hair, or what colours we should be wearing or even, heaven forbid, who we sleep with.

None of this is news.

I have written about self love before Self care here and here Space Clearing your Junk and even here Self Acceptance is a Fickle Beast.

I have written about  loving certain aspects of our bodies here Love your Labia, Ladies.

And I will probably be writing it about it again ...... and again........ and again.


Well, because most of us still don't love ourselves enough, if at all. We all wish that we could be someone different  or that our bodies could look somewhat different than they currently do.

 If we have curly hair we want it straight or vice versa.

If we have  big breasts we want smaller ones Or if we have small ones we want bigger ones.

If we are fat we want to be skinny. If we are skinny we wish that perhaps we were more curvy in certain places.

I could go on and on but frankly it makes me weary.

I watched an old video today of Julia Roberts interviewing George Clooney (because , you know, I love me some George! And lets face it , we all get lost in Youtube from time to time) and you can check it out here
Any way back to my blog ( because that's where all the FUN happens , people!)  George asks Julia if she has any body issues and her reply just STOPPED . Me. In. My . Tracks. She said "Well, yeah I'm a girl."

"Well, yeah, I'm a girl"

So all girls are supposed to have body issues? It's just a given now? We are alive, we are female and we have body issues?

When did this happen? And who forgot to give me the memo?

Its this kind of negative programming that has become so insidious in todays world.

Then we wonder why our kids are growing up wanting to change who they are or wanting plastic surgery to change what they can't fix.

So I say it again.... Why can't we just love ourselves? Why don't we try just loving our body as it is ? Today. Right now. Without having to change a thing.

Because if we truly loved ourselves then we would eat great food....... instead of food like substance that the advertising companies want you to eat.

If we truly loved ourselves we would move our bodies in whatever way felt great for us.

If we truly loved ourselves it wouldn't matter to us how others looked, we would be too busy enjoying our own lives to focus on what others are doing.

If we truly loved ourselves we would be working to create more beauty and love in our world purely for the fact that it makes our hearts sing.

So my challenge to you is this; commit to doing one small act of self love every day for 21 days.

Here's a few ideas to get you started:
(1) Meditate for ten minutes every day

(2) Create a green juice or smoothie that you love and add that to your daily routine

(3) Stand outside, in bare feet and connect with the Earth for 5 minutes each day

(4) Start a gratitude journal. Write down five things in your day that you are grateful for

(5) Try dry skin brushing before your shower. as you brush your skin tell your body how much you love it.

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