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Sex and Money


There are a few things that most people find difficult to talk about.

One of them is money .

The other is sex.

Yet these two things go together like wine and cheese, peaches and cream, and anything else that is decadent and delicious.

Both of them are to do with our base chakra and the base chakra is all about survival. It is about your roots, where you come from, where you belong and having your basic needs met.
The base chakra is how we connect to Mother Earth and our sense of belonging.

Sex and money.

The world revolves around both of them and 9 times out of 10 if you have issues with one you will have issues with the other.


Well because they both have a lot to do with giving and receiving. Most of us are good at giving;  we give compliments, we share any excess that we may have whether its from our garden or fruit trees. We love to give. We donate to charities. We share our favorite places to have coffee or find the best outfit. We invite people over to share food with us.

Giving is just part of our nature.

Receiving, on the other hand, is not.

What do you do when someone pays you a compliment?  Do you brush it aside? More than  likely you do.

Or you will pay them a compliment right back.

Instead of just taking a moment to bask in the gift that they just gave you, you rush to give something in return.

This deprives you ........ and them, of the sheer pleasure of giving.

So lets take this back to sex. If you are intent on giving your partner the ultimate  pleasure experience, how open are you to receiving the ultimate pleasure experience at the same time? Chances are you are so focused on them and how they are feeling that your own enjoyment is a secondary concern.

 This is especially true if you are female.

Woman are hardwired to give.... and give ...... and give some more. as mothers that is built right in to our DNA. So when it comes to sex we can find ourselves overly focused on his pleasure.

That is not to say that we are not concerned with our own, we are , but somewhere in the back of our mind is the nagging feeling that  maybe, just maybe we aren't orgasming fast enough. Maybe his fingers, his tongue is getting tired, maybe he is getting bored with how long we are taking.

Why? Because in any sex scene that we see on the television ( or porn. Yes, women do watch porn, shocking but true!) the female is writhing in ecstasy with a mere glance in the males direction and then having a mind blowing orgasm in seconds ( usually in complete sync with the male counterpart. Because that happens all the time in real life, right?).

Now this is not to say that men don't suffer from this same conflict. They do. Especially the lovingly, devoted men. Or the ones who want to be great lovers. These men take their time and are determined to satisfy their women, no matter how long it takes.

The trouble is in both cases the individuals are only focused on giving. They are sacrificing their own pleasure for the pleasure of their partner.

But for a truly delicious sexual experience there has to be an equal amount of give and take. Both partners need to be open to not only giving the most pleasure but also to receiving the most pleasure and that is where it can get tricky.

And if you are blocked from receiving pleasure then you will be blocking the flow of money into your life too.

Money is energy in paper form. The sole purpose of money is to show appreciation for something. ( take a moment and let that sink in). In fact I will say that again: The sole purpose of money is to show appreciation for something

As I mentioned before sex and money are both base chakra issues  and the key emotions at the base chakra that inhibit the flow of sex and money are Shame, Fear and Fighting for survival.

The foundation of these blocks go back to childhood because everything does. Not because your parents were bad people but becasue that is when your subconscious mind was open to EVERYTHING. This is when all your views on the world were laid down. Everything that you now believe, feel, think or know for certain is from what environmental, emotional and spiritual events happened in the first 7 -8 years of your life.

So cast your mind back to your childhood and see if you can remember a time when you were scared or embarrassed or when you felt you had to fight for your right to be here. Now imagine another time, and another. I bet you can list at least half a dozen, if not more.

Each and every time you have feelings of shame, fear or fighting for survival you are adding another brick to the wall, literally cutting yourself off from the juice of life, all the sex and money that could be flowing to you.

Its all dammed up behind the wall .

So how do we take the wall down?

Firstly be realising that we have a wall.

Secondly by deciding to be more open.

And well I'll share some more tips with you next week.

If you can't wait that long then maybe its time you booked a session with me so go click on the Services page to find out how.

PS: Did you know that when we orgasm the areas of our brain that light up are the areas to do with confidence, courage and creativity?

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