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Healing Touch

* Heavy sigh* I have just been BLISSBOMBED!

I have talked before about the importance of touch and I still believe that we all need to be touched, far , far more than we actually are.

I, myself, am a bit of a touch whore, I need to be touched , lots and often, In fact I think my idea of heaven is somewhere that you lie around being touched and pampered all day, every day.

Now, I'm not selfish ( well maybe just a little bit), I also do a fair amount of touching, hugging and pampering of those people who are precious to me.
Image from Raising Ecstasy Facebook page

As I have said  we all need touch and none more so than those who are healers, which, let's face it is all of us whether we realize it or not.

I have had a rough week this week, with lots of minor stresses and strains. This generally results in my shoulders hovering up around my ears somewhere, tension headaches and snappish moods, not great for anyone to be around. Luckily, I had booked in for a massage with the lovely Pauline from Healing Touch by Pauline.

I've had massages before and they have been great but none of them came close to the experience of a hot stone massage with Pauline. I had heard of hot stone massage before and seen images of people with stones lined up down their back but I had no idea what I was in for.

First up was selecting the wax that Pauline was going to use and since I was interested in feeling like a girly-girl I went for Jasmine and Neroli - simply divine. The room was dimly lit which created a lovely soothing atmosphere, as did the soft music and plush towels. So far, so massagey

Once I stripped off and snuggled under the towel Pauline reemerged and ever so gently, but  firmly, started massaging my back And then she started hitting the knots and tight bits. Oh my Lord! You never fully realize how tight you are until a massage therapist hits those spots. Once she introduced the hot stones the bliss escalated to a whole new level.

At first I wasn't sure if she had just warmed her hands on the stones or if she was actually massaging me with the stones. She was. And OMG they are the most amazing feeling! The best way I can describe it is they feel like liquid heat and take your body into a completely different dimension. I imagine it as something akin to lava (you know, without the skin melting temperature), melty ( in a good way) just hot enough to be soothing and make your muscles sigh with delight.

I cannot begin to describe for you all the intricate ways in which she used those stones.

Artist unknown

I do know that once I rolled over ( not a small feat in itself as I was already mostly jelly from all the relaxation, oh and naked.... did I mention I was butt naked? And my boobs do tend to take on a life of their own when freed from the confines of my bra, so all semblance of decency had left the building by this stage. I went to a male masseuse at one stage and he discreetly left the room for me to roll over - one boob still managed to wrangle its way out from under the towel, which he thoughtfully tucked back in when he returned LOL. ) now where was I? Ahh,yes, lying on my back Pauline  proceeded to place hot stones all down my front (delicious) which was great right up until I laughed and it became like a 10 point earthquake with stones about to be launched in all directions ( note to self: tuck in boobs and don't laugh on the massage table).

After two whole hours of being pampered ( could have happily laid there all day), oiled to within an inch of my life ( still delightfully oiled even now as I write this - delicious), muscles in a  state of total bliss, unfurled and soft, I feel unbelievably grounded in my self, centered in a way that I wasn't before we started.

Now, just a quick word for the ladies, Pauline also does breast massage ( take a deep breath). She only does so if you are comfortable with the idea and let me tell you, you should get comfortable with the idea , pronto. Sure my husband "massages"my breast on a regular basis but it is nothing compared to the therapeutic benefits of a proper breast massage and yes she uses the hot stones here too - heavenly. You see our poor breast get hoisted into bras which prohibits proper lymphatic drainage, especially if you wear under wire bras ( and with boobs the size of mine I need all the help I can get to keep them pointing outward and not downward).

If you want to make an appointment with Pauline ( and really you should) go here. and if you are not in NZ or too far away hunt out your local massage therapist and book yourself in today because as the ad says "Because I'm worth it"

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