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This is why we can never win


Ideas of what constitutes beauty are constantly changing. Our obsession with thinness has only been around since the sixties with the likes of Twiggy and  Jean Shrimpton ( aka The shrimp) and what people forget is that fashion designers are not interested in the model but in the drape of the clothes. Models are, in fact, glorified clothes hangers.

They don't want annoying things like curves, boobs, bellies and butts, to detract from the clothes which is where your focus is supposed to be. So models are getting younger and younger and thinner and thinner.

But it doesn't stop there.


We all know that images are photoshopped to within an inch of their lives so that often those portrayed no longer even resemble themselves. Skin is smoothed, pesky things like pores, are removed, necks are lengthened, waists are narrowed, thighs thinned, well, the list is endless.

So the average woman is left feeling less; less than beautiful, less than sexy, less than desirable, just less. What do we do? We follow the latest diet or exercise craze in an attempt to attain that which is unattainable; the perfect body that we see portrayed before us in every magazine, every television show, every commercial.

We read column inches of how the latest superstar dropped her baby weight by some crazy means ( I don't read the mags so couldn't come up with an example LOL!) failing to mention that she has a nanny, a personal trainer and possibly even a cook.

We watch reality shows likeThe Biggest Loser believing that the weigh in's are held weekly and then get disappointed with our own meagre weight loss in the same time frame when it is all a lie.

And then we have this news.

It seems the latest winner of The Biggest Loser was a female. But that is not the shocker.

No, what is "shocking" is that she started the show fat ( no shock there), proceeded to lose lots of weight on the show which is why she won and then came back for the big reveal even skinnier. She thinks she looks great but everyone else thinks she has gone too far and now looks skeletal.

And this is why we can not win when it comes to our body image.

I know that it is important that we don't promote obesity as a healthy image. It is also important that we don't value thinness above all else.

Healthy is not a size.

Beauty is not a size.

There are just as many unhealthy thin people as there are unhealthy fat people, it's just that they are harder to spot and therefore more acceptable.

There are just as many thin people that smoke to excess or drink to excess or eat tonnes of junk food or do drugs or well the list goes on.

There are just as many truly beautiful fat people  as there are thin people we just aren't looking at them through non judging eyes. We see only the unacceptable fat and declare them ugly and lazy and stupid and lacking in willpower when the fact is we have no idea of what they have been through or what they are going through.

So instead of looking at others and deciding on their merits,  or lack thereof, how about we look at ourselves and decide on our own value and worth?

 How about we stop waiting for the world to accept us  and we start accepting ourselves?

How about we focus on loving who we are so we can love others as they are?

Because, who knows what beauty will look like tomorrow?

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