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Small steps = BIG Rewards


Artwork by Aimee van Essen

I am (finally) launching my Self Love program.

Last year I was all set to launch into the year with a hiss and a roar only to get sidelined by two deaths in my family. Both were sudden and unexpected and left me reeling and made me re-evaluate what I was doing and how I was doing it.

The Self Love Club didn't feel quite right and I couldn't quite pull it all together in a timely manner so I ditched the whole idea and started a free Facebook group which was great and I had some lovely participation. But again it still felt like something was not quite right; nothing was flowing and my head still seemed to be firmly stuck up my arse (that's ass for my American friends).

So I have continued to tweak, refine and work on myself to get clear on what and how I want to deliver the best, most helpful content to you and

*drum roll* TA DA! 

The FREE 7 Day Self Love Immersion program is coming up on February 14!

Yes, February 14 was selected as the PERFECT day to start because it's Valentines day and what better day could you pick to start loving yourself more????

Yeah, I don't know either so Feb 14 it is!

I picked the word Immersion  (a) because I'm a word nerd and (b) because of this awesome definition

noun: immersion 

  1. the action of immersing someone or something in a liquid.
    "his back was still raw from immersion in the icy Atlantic sea"
    • baptism by immersing a person bodily (but not necessarily completely) in water.
  2. deep mental involvement in something.
    "a week's immersion in the culinary heritage of Puglia"
    • a method of teaching a foreign language by the exclusive use of that language.
      "as a teacher she advocates learning by immersion"
  3. Astronomy
    the disappearance of a celestial body in the shadow of or behind another.

Well mainly for (1) and (2) and if anything (3) will have us moving out from behind the shadow of our former selves so I'm going to say WINNING!

I love the definition of immersion written above as I feel it sums up exactly what we are about to embark on. 

In one way we will be fully immersing ourselves in the watery depths of our emotions to peel back and discover why we stopped loving ourselves and what is holding us back from loving ourselves more fully. At the same time we will be deeply, mentally involved in looking at self-love from all angles: we will be meditating on it, clearing old beliefs around it and looking at ways to actively love ourselves more.

While all of that might sound a bit daunting the activities are all simple, easy and effective and how deep you are  willing to immerse yourself is completely up to you. The great thing is I will be there to support you 100% and I will be backed up by the other participants in our own private, closed Facebook group so you can share and interact with others in completely safety.

The key to the program will be simple, easy, do able steps and lots of support.

So do you want in????

This program is for you if:

* you feel you want more from your life than you are currently experiencing
* you feel stuck on some level - you can't quite put your finger on it but you are ready for a change
* you just want more - more fun, more love, more life

Take the plunge and sign up for my newsletter for the full details. Just fill out the form below and YOU ARE IN!

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