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Come on Baby, Light my Fire


Passion, in all its myriad forms can be a force that lights up the sky but then fizzles and burns out. It can burn brightly, making the whole world seem like a bright, shiny new space. Then it can be gone in a flash leaving everything seeming just a little duller, a little greyer, a little less special.

I am like that when I get a burst of inspiration; my brain lights up and fires off a million and one great ideas in a rapid fire flow of inspiration - so fast that those burst of incandescent inspiration seem too elusive to pin down onto paper. And if I don't get them down right away the *poof* they disappear. But nothing is ever irretrievably lost it just takes patience and a pen poised in the air while you sit patiently asking the angles, the muse, all that is holy and good to please retrieve that idea because Now you are ready and so sorry but the 3am wake up call didn't quite fire up all your brain signals to get it down on paper the first time.

I know we are supposed to keep a pen beside the bed for those late night/early morning bursts of inspiration but seriously, when I have dragged myself from mt bed to jot down those lightning , clear, dazzling ideas they have seemed like so much garbage in the morning and I wondered why I bothered.

But when I let those ideas gestate a little longer ( after first acknowledging to the Universe, Muse, Angels that I am listening, I am paying attention and yes, I absolutely will write that down. Just not now. But definitely in the morning, when I have , you know had some sleep) to finally be birthed in the morning, or in the morning a week/month from now then those ideas are truly diamonds and not the coal they were before.

And its not just in its form of inspiration that passion lights us up. No, passion can burn brightly then dim and fade into nothing in relationships too. We start out all hot and heavy but then a few months or years down the track we are left wondering what the hell happened.

What happened is you started taking each other for granted. You stopped fanning the flames of passion and so the fire quietly went out. You stopped telling each other how much you mean to each other. You stopped those random pats on the arse or sneaky neck kisses as you passed by in the kitchen. You stopped thanking her for the meals she cooks or thanking him for taking out the garbage. You just stopped doing all those lovely little gestures that keep those embers burning, waiting to be fanned in to flames.

Keeping passion alive, in any form, requires action in one form or another. In a relationship it requires the "w" word that we all hate - work. I know it is supposed to be easy and "they lived happily ever after" but that only happens if you are committed to making it happen. Not just one of you but both of you.

What lights you up? How can you keep fanning that flame?

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