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Letter to my younger self


Dear Kathleen, First off don't worry we ditch the name - twice! We tried out our initials for a while which, over time evolved into the name Casey. That was long before there were so many Cassie's and Casey's around. In fact I like to think we started a trend!

Make the most of your time reading. Yes, I know everyone wants to get you out of the house and "doing things" but all that "doing" isn't what life has in store for you. You keep thinking and reading because all that information gets filed away in your brain and will come in handy later.

Learn to type. Oh my god you cannot believe how happy you would make me if you just learned to type now! We do okay but it has been many long years of hunt and peck and now, now we are starting to finally make head way.

Yes, it seems like a great idea to run off with that cute guy on his motorbike and yes, we did end up with three awesome kids BUT, but the price of being bare foot and pregnant and living the nippy lifestyle - ok I can't go on because yes, we did  it and it has given us immense fodder for writing and grown us in all sorts of amazing ways. Ways that we will not fully appreciate until now.

Life does get so immensely, satisfyingly better. Our new man is truly heaven sent. Yes, we got the hots for him even when we were "happily married" He was still on our radar. ( and we were on his!) Knowing that you watched each other over the years will give you endless hours of fun. later.

Look out for the signs that writing is something you should be doing. They were everywhere when we look back - hindsight is like that. I wish we had bothered to pay attention. as they say Divine Timing is everything and I guess writing now is much more do-able.

Believe in yourself. what you have been through all the highs and lows will make you incredibly strong and resilient. Yes, it will hurt like hell but you will survive and have some amazing stories to tell - stories that you will even find hard to believe but they were real. They happened and you came out just fine.

Most of all I want you to know how proud I am of you and how much I love you. Others may see the strong , capable you but I know at what cost that came to you. I know how sensitive and loving you truly are and how hurtful those slings and arrows are - and there always seems to be so many of them.

Hang in there, babe. Life gets better.

Love Caitlin

PS I gave us an upgrade and we now have two names Caitlin Grace - pretty cool, right?

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