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The art of the grunt

Any mother of teenage boys will be familiar with the grunt.

Teenage boys seem to grunt as a regular form of communication. Grunts can signify everything from "Yeah school was fine, I'm going to my room to chill out. Talk to you later" to "Today sucked and I'm going to go hang out in my room and play video games"

After a while  as mothers, we become proficient at interpreting these grunts and know when we need to give them space or just go sit with them for a bit or just take them some food and back away quietly.

Since I left home at 18 I have lived in houses full of males. The only females have been my cat, the dog and for a brief time two of my step daughters.

In this time I have become proficient in the art of the grunt so much so that I now use it myself.

Four years ago my youngest son moved out which meant the house was reduced to my hubby and me. After all the years of raising kids we were, finally, alone. An interesting thing happened - we reverted to grunting at each other.

A grunt can mean " Want a cup of tea?" to "Yes, and its your turn to make it". We are in tune and totally in sync. We have moved beyond finishing each others sentences to knowing what the other is thinking or saying the same thing at the same time.

I know, it all sounds a bit sickening and it is all true.

Then my youngest moved home for a brief spell. He's no longer a teenager he's now in his early twenties and having him home has taken a bit of adjusting for all of us. I'm a slob and he's a clean freak ( seriously? how did that happen????). I have to keep reminding myself that he is an adult and not to do a motherly fuss over him.

The funniest part?

"Use your words Mum"  Yup, my grunting bothers him. And so he says to me what I used to say to him when he first started grunting.

Actually there are a few "Mum -isms" that he now says to me which makes me laugh out loud. You know you have really got into their heads when they repeat you back to you.

Have any of your kids come home to live for awhile? How have you coped? What was the most challenging part?

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