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I've been hiding!

Well that is not entirely true!

I have been busily working on the September Self Love Immersion ( you can still sign up here http://eepurl.com/bea4Bj) 
 I am also busily working away at creating the Awaken Your Inner Goddess on line program which I am really excited about . I have been working on this for aaaaaaggggggggeeeeesssss because I want to get it just right and really help women let go of all the old paradigms and beliefs that are holding them  back from truly being their most authentic selves, attracting the kind of relationship that nourishes their souls, reigniting the passion in their current relationship and move them into a place of deep peace and satisfaction with their lives.

For years, I was stuck in a relationship that just wasn't working. Sure we had an awesome sex life  and two great kids but I felt like something was missing. And it was. I was the one that was missing. Somewhere along the way I lost myself. I lost who I was outside  of being a Mum and someone's wife. I lost the part of me that lit up just by being myself. You can read more about my journey to reigniting myself in my book.

I have also been busily writing for The Huffington Post because my mission is to help as many women  as possible live lives of passion, purpose and as the Sensual Awakened Goddesses that they were born to be.

Here's the links to some of my posts:

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Go check them out. Share them on your page or tweet them out and I will love you forever!

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