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10 Things Men Find Unattractive -Um, maybe

Last week I read an article called 10 Things Men Find Unattractive  and I am here to call BULLSHIT!

anyone that writes knows that lists, ahh lists, we all love a good list and people will click through to find out just what is on that list. But here is the thing - lists are like this one are full of shit.

Some men may find some of these things unattractive and others won't mind them at all. The trouble with broad, sweeping generalisations is that they are well, broad ans you know, sweeping and give us the idea that EVERY MAN on the planet will find these things ( and therefore you) UNATTRACTIVE.

And we all know that the worse thing a woman can be is UNATTRACTIVE, right?

(And can we just pause for a moment and discuss the opening paragraph on this article? All women love to gossip - seriously? They talked to every woman on the planet? Come on! Some of us much prefer deep, meaningful, philosophical shit instead of trite gossip but lets move on)

So here's my list :

5 things (some, maybe a few ) Men might find Unattractive

(1) Obsessing over our image

The men I know love a woman who is confident in herself and comfortable in her own skin not constantly seeking reassurance that she looks good in the outfit that she has on or spending time checking herself in the mirror

(2) A Selfie Junkie

Yes, you look adorable now please put the phone away and talk to the person that is in front of you. Every aspect of our lives does not need to be captured on the ubiquitous cell phone and no-one is interested in the food you are eating. Just stop.

(3) Being Unkind

Kindness costs nothing . At the same time it can make a huge impact on someone else's life - so can being unkind. Please and thank you are used so seldom today they are almost like  super powers. Try it out - kindness may just work for you.

(4) Lateness

I get it. We are all busy. Making an effort to be considerate of others time is also a kind of super power that should be flexed often. No-one likes hanging around waiting. No-one. It might be forgivable once, maybe twice but if it is becomes a habit it is just disrespectful.

(5) Obsessing over food

We all need to eat. Believe or not men know that we get hungry and that we need to eat - so eat. And while you are eating don't be making comments on "how you really shouldn't" or "just a tiny bit" or " this will go straight to my ass/belly/thighs" . Just eat and enjoy.

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