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What have I been up to?


 You may have noticed I'm not posting here as much.

Do not despair!

 I am still around , still writing , just posting in different places.

Yesterday I started writing this piece for my new website ( you should definitely go check it out!)

 Daily Self Love

Self love is a daily requirement. Just like we need to shower, brush our teeth, make healthy food choices and exercise, we need to work self love into our daily lives. The trouble is that we think that by doing the things listed before that we are loving ourselves and while they are certainly part of the equation, they are definitely not the whole story.
The whole story is being gentle with yourself on the rough days. The days when life is dragging you down and you are not sure if you want to get back up and instead of berating yourself or eating a tub of ice cream or listening to the voice in  your head that tells you all the reasons that you are worthless and a failure you choose to get up, look yourself in the eye and say “It’s okay, babe, you got this.”
The whole story is talking nicely to yourself to drown out the Negative Nelly in your head so that the bitch sits down and shuts the fuck up so you can carry on with your day.

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 Or you hop over here and read my latest post for The Huffington Post

 Divorce: 22 years later 

I divorced my first husband 22 years ago.

This weekend I just had him, his new wife and my ex mother-in-law over for an extended family get together and it was lovely. There were no big dramas other than 2-year-old teething tantrums from my granddaughter and squawks from the 4-month-old twin granddaughters. In fact it was the best family gathering I have had in my home for a long while.
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