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Wounded Women

We are all wounded to some degree - both men and women and since I am a female I will speak to what I know of female wounds.

We are wounded by a society that doesn’t see the value of what we contribute to society. Women are still paid less than men for doing the same work. Not to mention the fact that women who choose to stay at home and raise the next generation of human beings, which is the most valuable career on the entire planet, are often referred to as “just a Mum” . This devaluing of our role in society is so ingrained that we refer to ourselves the same way.

We are wounded by the portrayal of women as mere sex object; draped over cars, half naked to advertise anything and everything, objectified in a myriad different ways and splashed across billboards in larger than life technicolour. Diminishing who we are and reducing women to an object purely for the male gaze does great harm to both sexes.

We are wounded by a culture that insinuates that when a woman is raped it is somehow her fault: “what did she think would happen wearing an outfit like that?” “She was asking for it”. “Why was she out walking alone at night?” Rape culture is real and pervasive and again it harms both sexes. Men worry they will be falsely accused of rape and women never fully drop their guard with men always worrying if they will be taken advantage of.We are wounded whenever a woman is called a bitch for standing up for herself or other women.

We are wounded when women in high positions  (like running for president) are critiqued for their outfit choice, hair style and make up while their male counterparts can have orange-glowing, fake tans and absurd comb overs and it barely rates a mention.

We are wounded every time a woman is criticized for being “too sensitive’, “too emotional” or “too soft”. We are wounded  when bullying behaviour by boys (or men) is dismissed as “Boys will be boys” there by negating our feelings and diminishing our concerns.And then there are the ancestral wounds from generations of women being killed in the name of religion for being “witches” when in fact, they were healers and midwives and wise women.

Not to mention the religious wounding of women having to cover themselves (Islam, Mennonites, Amish,certain Christian sects to name a few. The suppression and oppression of women is many and varied. It is real and it is still taking place daily in lots of little and big ways. It impacts every woman whether we realize it or not. It strikes us deep in the very core of our femininity - our womb, and in doing so makes us shrink back into ourselves. We doubt our creative offerings in the world. We numb ourselves more with just one more glass of wine or one more piece of chocolate and laugh about how we can’t make it through the day without them. The reality is we use them to help us cope with the desensitization and constant undermining of our worth . Not to mention the high rate of women on antidepressants.

You may have been reading along and going “mmhmm, yup I can relate to that” then you will also recognize that a shift is taking place, that the Goddess energy is starting to rise up - in more ways than one. New artifacts of Goddesses are being discovered ( here and here) and you may also notice the word Goddess being bandied about in all sorts of places.

There is also a lot of talk of womb healing, yoni eggs(including a segment on Conan which had him looking quite frankly, terrified) and yoni mapping ( yes, it’s a thing)

It seems like women are not only feeling the rise of the Goddess energy but they are also waking up and looking for any means to clear and release old paradigms from their wombs, their bodies and their lives. A kind of silent  revolution is taking place and women are claiming more sovereignty over their bodies and their sexuality.

Are you ready to join the revolution?
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